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2023/05 - WOW! Nahid wins FRQNT doctoral scholarship, Jonathan wins CGS NSERC doctral scholarship and Line wins FRQS post doctoral fellowship. CONGRATS to you all, well done!


2023/04 - Marine leaves the group for a position in France - Farewell Marine and thank you!

2023/01 - Dikran joins the group for his Master - Welcome to the group Dikran

2022/09 - Alessia joins the group for her PhD - Welcome Alessia

2022/06 - Jordan and Thang win FRQNT PhD scholarship - Congrats boys!

2022/05 - Jean-Marc joins the group as a MSc student - Welcome Jean-Marc

2022/05 - Line arrives from France to join the team as a postdoctoral researcher - Welcome Line


2021/12 - Justine and Nahid win the prestigious TMT PhD fellowship - Congrats Justine and Nahid!


2021/09 - Justine and Duy join the lab as PhD student - Welcome Justine and Duy!


2021/05 - Nahid joins the lab as PhD student - Welcome Nahid!


2021/04 - Marine and Thang win prestigious fellowships from TMT and FRQS. Congratulations to both of you!


2021/01 - Thang joins the lab as PhD student - Welcome Thang!


2020/10 - Marine and Hu join the lab as post doctoral researchers: Welcome to the lab fellows!


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